Download T.L.C

After installing the game you will have to create a new account within the launcher (or sign in with an existing account).

System Requirements:

WIndows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Direct 9 or higher, Internet Connection.

The Last Conflict will always remain a free to play game and will continue to update regulery with new content to both our free users and subscribers. The subscription is just a way to support the game and offers a few perks for a one time payment of $5.


  • Classes virologist, operator, riot specialist, infiltrator and technologist unlocked.
  • Play as the Centurion boss.
  • 4 addtional upgradable storage space.
  • More chat color options.

    Thanks you for your contribution! Please contact us on for more information on how to purchase sub!


The Last Conflict was created using the BYOND software which is why host and manages our user account database.


To subscribe to TLC you must create a free BYOND account through the BYOND website or the launcher.


The Last Conflict purchases are processed through Paypal. Once purchased your subscription should activate within 1-24 hours but usually they are processed immediately(subscribing while being logged in will require you to simply relog back in).


Should any issues arise please don't hesitate to contact us.