The Last Conflict is a 2-D multiplayer online action and strategic based game inspired by classic games Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Zombie Ate my Neighbors, bringing them together to create a fun zombie killing experience.


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  • Play co-op or pvp with 1-50 players per server.
  • Rip and tear through your enemies with over 87 weapons to choose from.
  • Upgrade and become a killing machine a killing machine 2000 with the easy to use perk system.
  • Many games modes from "Survival" to "Scenario" based objectives like rescue and evacuation missions, prop hunt like mini-games or try to cap all the zones in a sandbox city map while trying to survive as long as possible in "Free Roam".
  • Create clans and go head to head against other clans.
  • Supports the ability to create and share custom maps and custom characters using the icon share server.