Players choose various classes which perform several roles within the game.

Being a medic gives you ability to heal teammates and their companions as well as NPCs. You will also have the ability to see the bleeding and infection levels of teammates.


  • A. - First.Aid Kit - This grants the user a First.Aid Kit allowing 5 healing items to be stored into the kit separate from your inventory. Healing items can also be taken out from the kit.
  • B. - Additional Sprays - This class perk allows the user to gain 2 F.Aid Sprays in their First.Aid kit when they join a new round.
  • C. - Additional Antidotes - This perk is the same as the previous perk except you gain 2 Antidotes.

A medic can heal several teammates with healing items at the same time as long as they are within 1 tile away from the player.

  • You will be able to see PZ (Player Zombie)'s bleeding and infection levels as well. This can be used to identify them and take them out quickly apart from looking at the map.

One of the most useful classes in the game. Being a mechanic allows you to repair broken barricades, fences and doors. They can also repair damaged shields of the Riot Specialists. With their turrets they can provide more defense while they repair. Each time you join the round you will start with a hammer which can be used 20 times before breaking. Remember to repair things wisely.


  • A. - Repair 1 - Allows you to repair objects 25% faster.
  • B. - Repair 2 - Allows you to repair objects 50% faster.
  • C. - Turret - Grants the user a turret which will fire NATO(LMG) rounds.


  1. Turrets can be refilled by dragging and dropping NATO(LMG) rounds on it.
    1. Turrets can be destroyed by enemies so place them carefully in a safe area.
    2. Can be renamed.
    3. Can be picked up by pressing G / Shift + G
  2. You can still move while repairing as long as you are within 1 tile away from the object.

Being able to carry explosives is already powerful as it is, but being able to carry more is devastating. Demolitions are able to carry more explosives which makes them viable in several situations. The many uses of this class are for crowd control, base defense but also to rack up kills quickly.

  • Demolitions are able to carry a detonator and six C4s at the start of a new round.


  • A. - Additional Trip Wires - The user is supplied with 8 Trip Wires at the start of the round.
  • B. - Additional Land Mines - The user is supplied with 8 Land Mines at the start of the round.
  • C. - Additional Grenades - The user is supplied with 8 Grenades at the start of the round.


  1. C4's should be placed 5 tiles away from each other for maximum impact.
  2. If you see that a crowd of enemies has covered all of your C4's radius, you should detonate them.
  3. Being able to carry additional mines and trip wires allows you to add more defense to an area.
    1. Try to place trip wires in a way that the wire is not too long as they will not kill anything if a zombie trips on it from a mile away. Remember that they are not lasers of doom.

Being a Pyromaniac has it's pros and cons. As a Pyromaniac you do an additional 10% more fire damage and are able to cause serious damage to many different types of enemies such as spiders. A pyromaniac is versatile with their incendiary tools which allow them to inflict fire damage in several methods.

  • Pyromaniacs are granted a lighter which is used for gasoline cans.
    • If the user joins a new round with a gasoline can, they are automatically refilled.
    • Gasoline can be poured onto the ground in a trail by using Left Click and then set alight using the lighter by drag and drop.


  • A. - Incendiary Grenades - The user is supplied with 6 incendiary grenades at the start of the round.
    • These grenades act similar to normal ones except they will not cause explosive damage.
    • Enemies will be set alight and die within normal weather conditions.
  • B. - Start Molotovs - The user is supplied with 2 molotovs a the start of the round.
  • C. - Incendiary Mines - The user is supplied with 4 incendiary mines at the start of the round.
    • These work in the same way incendiary grenades do, but are triggered in the same way normal land mines would.


  1. Good crowd control, able to wipe a crowd of zombies / spiders in seconds with molotovs
  2. Versatile. Can control where flames go with gasoline tank and mines.
  3. More grenades, can carry normal grenades as well so you are carrying up to 10 grenades where as demolition carries only 8.


  1. Heavily reliant on weather conditions. Rain, snow, storms, winter and windy weather conditions can put out fire quickly. Using incendiary weapons is wasteful in these conditions.

Cryogenists are the polar opposites of Pryomaniacs. They use sub-zero nitrogen weapons in order to immobilize enemies, block other enemies from breaching or as a tool of escape. The ability to freeze enemies is useful as it gives you more time to plan your next move.

  • Like demolitions, Cryogenists start with four N4s and a detonator. This allows them to detonate and freeze crowds of zombies in sequence of bursts.


  • A. - Nitrogen Mines - The user will start with 4 nitrogen mines at the start of the round.
  • B. - Nitrogen Grenade - The user will start with 6 nitrogen grenades at the start of the round.
  • C. - Ice Barricades - Cryogenist Special Items will leave behind a special ice barricade that forms after the use of a nitrogen based item.


  1. Ability to freeze and immobilize enemies and even bosses.
  2. Ice barricades can help you survive in an open area if there are no other barricades.


  1. Summer weather conditions may melt ice quicker.

Chemist is a corrosive class which can cause devastating damage instantly through the use of acid based item because of how strong it's acidity is. Chemists work similar to the way Cryogenists as they can slow down enemies.

  • A chemist will be able to carry four A4s and a detonator at the start of the round.


  • A. - Acid Mines - The user will start with 4 Acid Mines at the start of the round.
  • B. - Acid Grenades - The user will start with 4 Acid Grenandes at the start of the round.
  • C. - Tabun Canisters - The user will start with 8 Tabun Canisters.
    • Tabun Canisters are the main tools for the Chemist. It allows them to slow down enemies in a large radius area.
      • Will also work against bosses effectively.

Being a subscriber gives you access to an additional 5 special classes which work completely different to the main ones.

The Melee class of TLC. Riot Specialists are able to protect teammates from melee damage with their Shields and receive reduced damage from all enemies. The shields can be used as a melee weapon by bashing enemies with F, used as a shield for enemies who pursue in front of you or even a barricade!

  • Starts off with a shield which can be upgraded later.


  • A. - Stun Grenades - The user will start with 8 Stun Grenades which allows them to temporarily immobilize enemies in place.
    • Stun grenades work differently to Tabun Canisters that Chemists use as enemies that are hit with a stun grenade are completely immobilized where as Tabun Canisters only slow down movement.
  • B - Vest - Melee Damage received is reduced by x4.
  • C - Shield Upgrade - Riot Shield defense is upgraded by 50%.
  • Outbreak Suit is a recommended perk to use with this class as you will be more resistant to other vulnerabilities such as poison, acid and fire.
  • Melee Durability is also a good perk as you can carry more durable weapons with you which lasts 2x longer.

Virologists have a special ability. They can manipulate enemies into becoming their companions to fight for them. Sort of like a pet. The tamed creatures Can also be controlled in a way that it will search and fight for enemies, or defend their master at all costs.

  • Virologists will start off with 2 Gas Canisters.


  • A. - Companion 1 - The user will be accompanied with a companion which will fight and defend for the user.
  • B. - Companion 2 - An upgraded companion which is more stronger and has more health.


  • Gas Canisters act like molotovs except they will work in any weather condition making them more effective.
  • Companions can be healed with herbs and F.Aid Sprays by dragging and dropping onto them or using health items next to them.
  • You can command a companion to fight or defend using Shift + A.

Operators are the only class that are able to supply ammunition, explosives and healing items without having to bring them into round. Operators use Radio Vests in order to request Supply Crates and call out offensive operations that are carried out by attack aircraft.


  • A. - Air-Strike - Let's the user radio in Air-Strikes in a selected target zone by aiming and using Left Click.
  • B. - Napalm-Strike - Let's the user radio in Napalm-Strike in a select target zone. Leaves behind flames which inflict fire damage to enemies that go over it.

Request Costs: In order to use the radio you will need KP (Kill Points) which are earned through killing enemies.

  • Supply Crate - 100 KP
  • Air-Strike - 200 KP
  • Napalm-Strike 250 KP

Any kills from Air-Strikes or Napalm-Strikes will not earn any KP. This includes the fire kills left over from a Napalm-Strike

The infiltrator is like a spy, able to quickly sneak past enemies and distract enemies. They are the most mobile out of all classes as they can quickly move using their Hookshot which propels themselves forward. The class only capable of cloaking and becoming unnoticed by enemies.

  • Infiltrators will start off with six Pheromone Grenades.
    • The grenade will release pheromone gas


  • A. - Hookshot - The user is granted with a Hookshot which propels the user forward when fired with T.
  • B. - Cloak - The user is granted a Cloak Device which will render him/herself invisible for 40 seconds.


  • Be careful when using the Hookshot as you can propel yourself into a crowd of enemies.
  • Hookshot can be used to escape quickly, or kite enemies and bosses.
  • Pheromone grenades are useful on bosses as you can attract groups of bosses to escape or attack without it chasing you.

Technologists have limited amount of special items. However their ability to scout out enemies and collect items anywhere on the map with their RC Cars make up for it. Technologists specialize in electricity based weapons such as the spark shot and drones.

  • Technologists start off with an RC Car.


  • A. - Drone Planes - The user will start with 3 Drone Planes at the start of the round. The Drone planes will orbit and protect the user while firing at enemies. After a period of time the drone planes will crash and explode in a random location killing more enemies.
  • B. - Tesla Coils - The user will starts with 4 Tesla Coils which can be used as static field fences that stuns / damages enemies.

RC Car Controls:

S - Grab (Can grab up to four stacks of items)

Alt + S - Drop off items

E - RC Car Jump

G / Shift + G - Pick up RC Car


  • Tesla Coils work most efficiently 5 tiles apart from each other.
    • They can also be used as a way to block enemies from entering into rooms.

Scavenger class converts ammunition into gunpowder and vice-versa. They can also craft barricades. Here is a list of the available conversions.

  • Both Pistols (9mm, .40) = Gunpowder A
  • Both Shotguns (12 Gauge Shells, 12 Gauge Slugs)= Gunpowder B
  • Both Magnums, Both Heavy Snipers (.300, .357, .44, .50 = Gunpowder C
  • AR, LMG, SMG (.45 ACP, NATO, NATO(LMG)) = Gunpowder D
  • Sniper (7.62) = E
  • A + B = C
  • D + E = C
  • C + C = S
  • S = Special Ammo (Rockets, MT, GL, Etc.)
  • Stack of Wood = Barricade
  • Perk 1: Spawn with A+B+C x3
  • Perk 2: Spawn with D+E x3
  • Perk 3: Spawn with S x1

At max rank, players can immediately convert all starting gunpowder into 3 stacks of C, resulting in 9 total. This can immediately create 4 extra rockets or special ammunition in your inventory,plus the Gunpowder S that you spawn with, which makes 5. By theory if a player has 1 rocket launcher and 16 stacks of Gunpowder-C (9 in inventory, 7 in pouch) they can craft a total of 24 rockets from their inventory, or 27 with +2 Inventory perk granted they make room for conversions. They can also choose to fill their inventory with purely gunpowder and convert on-the-go, such as using Dual Sawn-Offs (2 slots) and 14 (7 in Inventory, 7 in Pouch) stacks of Gunpowder-B (leaving one slot open for a stack of ammo) and converting them as s/he needs them., resulting in a total of 42 stacks of ammo (14×3). While this class is very effective in solo play, they are also very helpful in converting ammunition that the group is currently not using, into ammo they can use, such as 12 Gauge Slugs into 12 Gauge Shells, NATO into .45 ACP, 9mm into .40.

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