There are various types of enemies with different abilities and have different levels of threat. Knowing all types will help you survive better and know what types of weapons to use on each one.

These enemies are the most common enemies in game, they are relatively slow and easy to defeat but often come in large groups. They are separated in a few types.

These zombies are unarmored and easy to defeat. They have low hp but they can grab you. If they do so, hit the and direction buttons to break free.

  • Using the No Touchie perk will make you completely resistant to grapples.

These are the most powerful of all the normal zombies. Despite having no armor, they are as tough as armored soldier-zombies and leave poisonous clouds behind when they die. They have yellow skin and deformed head with 3 tentacles coming out. Kill them before they come too close, and don't walk into the poison clouds they leave behind.

  • If poisoned use any healing item which contains a blue herb. Being poisoned will make it impossible to keep track of your health, getting you killed easily.
    • Using the Outbreak Suit perk will make you 100% resistant to poison.

These zombies wear body armor so they are much tougher than regular ones. You will need more ammo to take them down.

These zombies are impervious to fire. Fire-fighters wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) that allows heat resistance.

  • Do not use any incendiary weapons on these types of zombies as they will resist fire.

They appear when someone dies from infection (he/she turns into one). They are one of most dangerous enemies, even more dangerous than stalkers. They are fast, tough and deal plenty of damage.

  • If you're about to die from infection better suicide to not cause trouble for teammates.
    • To do this, Right Click on your weapon and click Suicide.
    • If dual wielding, this can only be done with the weapon equipped in your left hand.
  • Having level 3 Infection Resistance is recommended to prevent the player from turning into a Breaker Zombie, as it reduces how long it takes the infection to reach 100%.

They have less HP than zombies, but they move and attack faster. They can also perform a jump attack that inflicts more damage.

  • Keep your distance and be prepared to hop behind barricades or onto fences if they get too close.

They have small amount of Hp and they can fly over barricades. They are most common reason of infection.

  • Crows are difficult to hit with firearms, try using a melee weapon such as your knife to take them down.
  • They will also be killed instantly with explosives but will not set off any trip wires, C4 or mines.
  • Can fly over barricades and fences. Be wary when climbing and camping on them.

These enemies are a pain. They can easily stop a mechanic from repairing and open people for attacks when they stay on barricades by its tongue-grab attack. To free from it you need to quickly hit S. You can save people grabbed by a tonguer by using the knife attack S. They are weaker than armored zombies, but they have more hp than civilian zombies.

  • Some tonguers are poisonous and can be identified with their green skin. Be careful as they're claw attacks will poison you.

They are even tougher than armored zombies, they are faster and they deal more damage. They are separated into few types.

  • Most stalkers will have a jump ability like zombie dogs. It is best to stay far away to deal with them.
  • Riot Specialist's Vest reduces melee damage by x4 and is recommended against these foes.

While their stats are higher, their behavior is the same.

While their stats are higher, their behavior is the same.

These stalkers are the toughest and they have a dangerous melee attack. Never go within melee range with them.

Red version of enhanced hunter. Their regular attack can poison the player. Stay away from them and kill them from distance.

While their stats are higher, their behavior is the same.

While their stats are higher, their behavior is the same.

They can spit acid projectiles over great distances so be careful.

  • Don't stand in the same direction as the tick as it's acid projectiles are fast and can fly over barricades, fences and tables.
    • Two or three hits from these can quickly kill you
    • Outbreak Suit will make you 8x more resistant to acid attacks which is necessary when dealing with these enemies.

Has the ability to bend light rendering it invisible to his enemies.

  • These enemies are difficult to see so it may be wise to use Night Vision goggles.
  • Using mines, tripwires and other explosives can easily kill these stalkers.
  • Melee Weapons are effective if your are on a barricade while they are invisible.
    • Firearms are only applicable while the stalker is uncloaked. But you can click and shoot using Left Click. However this is more tedious.

Roachman itself is not dangerous, but when they die they “spawn” cockroaches which can destroy barricades quickly. Use a flamethrower or melee weapon to kill them quickly, or shoot them with your gun if you don't have anything else.

  • Their attacks will raise bleeding quickly.
  • You can also use your knife to quickly pick off cockraches, however the leeches will stack and group together so you will need to be careful when trying to pick them off one at a time.

These enemies attack in small numbers, but be careful, as they can kill their prey quickly when they're hungry.

It can poison you and spit acid. They are weak to fire.

  • Use incendiary weapons to take them down quickly.
  • Watch out for it's whip ability as it has long reach and can also poison you.

These arachnids are grotesquely big in size. Spiders are larger than humans and are tougher because of their exoskeleton and their ability to work in groups to quickly take down their prey.

They are slightly tougher than regular zombies, but less tough than armored zombie. They have no “armored” version, so basically you need same ammo amount for every spider. They can only melee attack and are sensitive to fire.

Spider version of the Tonguer. They can use web like tongue/tentacle to grab players or spit web balls catching player too.

  • Like Tonguers, some spinners are poisonous as you can see from their green bodies. Stay away from these as their web grabs can deteriorate your health also.
  • Groups of spinners are deadly and you should prioritize dealing with them than regular spiders as they can quickly cause mayhem when they are in groups.

They look pretty harmless, but they are actually most dangerous type of spider. They frequently attack in groups, and when they are within melee range they explode, splashing acid on all players next to them.

  • It takes 2-3 acid attacks to kill a player. Kill them before they can reach you.
  • Do not stand on barricades or fences when they are nearby as their acid can reach them.

These enemies attack in small numbers, but be careful, they can kill their prey quickly when there hungry.

  • Use flamethrowers or melee weapons to take them out quickly. These are similar to cockroaches.
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